Character Color Series

If you’re here, then you’ve probably noticed all the similarly styled books, like No, Red! No!, Peeyew Pink You Stink, Big Bad Brown Fell Down, etc… These books are all part of my “Character Color Series” (CCS). In this series, each character is represented by a certain color, which is the only thing colored throughout the book. Additionally, every single page of every CCS book has Mouse hiding on it - just for a little extra fun. The main characters of each book have both unique qualities and flaws. Each book has its own unique lessons, virtues, and conversation starters. That is, IF you feel like going that deep. Otherwise, they are simply fun and comical books for the whole family to enjoy together.

You’ll probably find that you can relate to some of the characters, and surely, at the very least, you’ve known someone who has traits like those of these characters. Character, both good and bad, shows itself in many ways. The question is, which Character Color are you?

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